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The Oil Money introduces The Oil Well - the solution to online trading without the stress.

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What are people saying about The Oil Money and The Oil Well

Thanks Scott, yea, I really love the fact that I don't have to watch each candle and can have my chart up on another screen so I can do other things and yet not miss out. I've found it to be so much more relaxing and enjoyable because it allows me to still be productive doing other things. Great indicator - keep up the good work Scott!!! Bill M.
thanks Scott
this indicator of yours is quite the trick..I cant figure out if you are a genius or not but so far I have to say I like what I see... your approach to going slow...and small ten tick targets is pretty interesting too Rick
I love you!! This thing is f**king great. $240 today so far and playing by the rules. Ted Steege
Good morning Scott and TOM staff....
I have been watching the Oil Well on a demo account for 3 days and finally was around to hear the 'cha ching' and see a box pop up. I was able to get into a trade early and within 90 seconds the order was fill - $100 profit. Even though it was 'Monopoly money' right now - wow!!! This brought up a question though... I got in when the box was green and the yellow arrow had just appeared. Since it went so quick, and as you can see on this chart, the action went back down into the box after about 10 minutes and again at the end of the box - which bring us to the question: if the action re-enters the box, would you enter into a second trade? Both would have made 10+ ticks... Darin Douglass
I would like to thank Scott and Aldo, or Aldo and Scott for such great help and instruction with all of your programs. For me your Integrity, your caring and consideration is very much appreciated.
Thank you RJ
Hi Aldo its a pleasure to be in your class on Fridays with Scott .you always have something new and informative . my account size is very small (2000.00) so im working with currency's and only taking the best futures trades . still taking one step forward one step backwards . im thinking of taking a position trade for a few months or weeks.and your teaching on fridays really help .your wounderful ,keep up the great job of teaching. god bless. Paul B.
I'm selling my house and in about 2 months I will have some capital to finally go live and start trading - I would like to have a managed account with you to use it as a hedge against my own trades - I'm very very excited , I have been trading since 2009 and I thank God every day that I found your web site - after spending thousands of dollars on worthless systems I finally found something that works for me! You are my lifetime HERO - I'm also currently working on my Series 3 Exam since trading is all I ever wanted to do. Seba
Just to let you know, I watched the 4 hrs of free instructions from The Meditative Trader last weekend and traded sim on Monday. Ended up + $850.00 after 2 hrs. Tues I went live, but was cautious and made $140.00, Wed cleared $80.00 and Thurs $170.00. I have to go to my day job at 10:00 am central time and have only a couple hrs to trade the usually crazy open on the Cl. I knew the information was making a difference in my trades and confidence in making those trades. By Fri I purchased the full program to get all I could to improve my knowledge. I'm only on Day 2 as of now and am looking forward to the next week of learning. I appreciate the 1 year membership here as part of the purchase of the program. Have not been to the chat or really know what is available on this site yet. Thanks Scott and Aldo for giving us all the opportunity to make a major change in our lives. I've had my account for 3 or 4 months but have not been able to be truly profitable consistently. I'm looking forward to financial freedom in My life. Thanks Again. Jim G.